Car rental in Kauai – finding the right company!

So, you’re planning an island vacation, including a stop at Kauai. The foremost question on your mind is: Which Kauai car rental company should you use while you are hopping from island to island? You do some online research, but you still aren’t sure which of the dozen or more names you should go with. Here’s what you should keep in mind before you settle on a company to rent your car from:


  • Don’t just settle on any company that offers you the lowest rental fee. Beware – sometimes sticker price is not exactly what you end up paying – especially if you don’t receive any deals, specials and perks. And that leads us to the next point on our check list!


  • A good is Kauai car rental company one that not only offers a competitive rental fee, but also offers renters other perks which help offset some of the “hidden costs” of renting a car. Here are a few items that you should make sure your car rental company offers:
    • Arrangements for spouses to drive free
    • FREE option for additional driver(s)
    • Choice for domestic partners to drive FREE
    • Special (discounted!) rates for drivers aged 20, or those between 21 and 24


When you combine these and other amenities that a good car rental company should offer, all of these perks will help drive your rental costs down even further!


  • Obviously you want to do business only with a Kauai car rental company that has a great reputation. Stay away from fly-by-night operations, and never trust a company that doesn’t have an established presence…which brings us to the second point to consider!


  • Check to see who else does business with the Kauai car rental company that you like. If you see that the company of your choice does business with brand name companies like Hertz, Budget, Enterprise and Avis, then that means you’ve made a good choice yourself!


  • Does your Kauai car rental company only offer service in Kauai, or can you expect them to serve you anywhere – including Hilo, Hawaii, Oahu, Maui and other places? The wider their service network is, the less hassle you’ll have trying to rent vehicles across a number of islands as you island-hop.


If you are truly looking for a Kauai car rental company that will guarantee that your holiday will be stress-free and within budget, then you need to ensure that the company you choose should meet, and even exceed, these criteria.


When you analyse all of these points, and others – like no-penalty cancellation policy, and amazing discount coupons for renters – there’s just one Kauai car rental company that stands out – and that’s Tradewinds Car Rentals. With one of the widest networks of brand name partners, and a broad selection of vehicles to offer, Tradewinds is a budget car rental company that will ensure your car rental budget is never blown!


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