Why go budget for car rental in Kauai?

Vacations don’t happen year around – and that’s why they’re called “vacations”! And since, for most people anyway, they happen once a year (maybe twice, if one is fortunate!), thinking of budget car rental in Kauai or any of the other island destination may make sense. And here’s why you may want to go “budget” as opposed to “Brand name”:


Budget is affordable!


A budget car rental in Kauai will be more affordable for individuals and families rather than booking directly with a big brand name car rental company. And the reason is, because of their size (relatively smaller than Brand names), they have significantly lower overheads to make up for. That means they save in operational costs, and those savings are passed on to you, the renter!


But because budget car rental agencies in Kauai and other popular destinations provide the big Brand names, including Avis, Enterprise, Budget, Hertz and others, a lot of ongoing business, they receive special Corporate discount rates which retail renters (like you and I) don’t get. As a result, your budget car rental in Kauai will cost you much less than any brand name rental agency can offer!


Budget is flexible!


Most big brand auto renting companies deal with large corporate clients. As a result, they are accustomed to following strict rules and protocols. That leaves less room for flexibility when it comes to individual retail renters and holiday makers. A budget car rental company in Kauai does not face the same rigid restrictions.


For instance, Tradewinds Car Rentals has a “Cancel anytime” policy that is flexible and convenient when last minute, unforeseen “stuff happens” with vacation plans.  They also have a “Don’t pay upon booking” policy which means you pay only when you pick up your vehicle!


Budget is convenient!


In case you are wondering about rental car selections, a budget car rental company in Kauai can offer you the same convenient array of choices that you could get from a big brand rental agency. No matter what your choice is – Jeeps, Minivans, Economy-sized vehicles, SUVs or Full-sized cars – you’ll get them all at the budget rental car agency.


Since the budget car rental company in Kauai has partnership agreements with all of the big brand rental agencies, they (Budget car rentals) have access to a vast selection of cars and vehicles too. That means you get the same choice of vehicles as you would if you had chosen to book with a brand name agent. Except now you’ll get your rental car for a lot less!


Budgets get you deals!


Your budget car rental agent in Kauai can also offer you some great deals and packages that most large brand name agents won’t. Deals like “No charge for Spouse drivers” or even specially negotiated lower rates for “drivers between 21 and 24 years of age”. These are deals that you can only come by at a few select budget rental companies like Tradewinds!


So when it comes to stretching your vacation budget a long way, think about renting from a budget car rental agent in Kauai!


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