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Experience the great Advantage in Hawaii car rentals
Tradewinds Car Rental has been efficiently serving the car rental market since its inception. We are committed to helping people save money on car rental services throughout Hawaii. By having close relationships with major car rental agencies, our clients receive generous corporate discounts, perks, and great deals.
Advantage Rent a Car
Advantage Rent a Car is the newest addition to our list of major car rental agency partners. Making your reservations for an Advantage car using our website will allow you to get the car of your choice, from economy cars to SUVs, and at the most affordable price. Over the years, Advantage Rent a Car has grown to become one of the most competitive carriers you’ll find in the market today.
Get the unmatched Advantage
Aside from the very popular corporate discounts, Tradewinds Car Rental will pave the way so you can get the Advantage car(s) of your choice which you can rent in Hawaii and in the US. You can book and make reservations for discounted rates online, and choose an airport location near your hotel. The convenience will help you enjoy the best and hassle-free travel experience that you truly deserve. Choose your pick up location among the major airport locationssuch as Atlanta Airport, Boston Logan Airport, Chicago Midway International Airport, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles International Airport, Hilo International Airport, Honolulu International Airport, and many more.
Get access to a number of unique perks when you book for an Advantage car through our site.
While other car rental companies offer fluctuating rental rates, we offer rental car rates that stay the same every day of the year, no matter the location. This is one great feature you should never miss.
Many car rental agencies would charge additional fees for multiple drivers.
But when you’re travelling, a second driver is always a benefit, if not a must. You’ll be glad to know that you don’t always have to limit yourself to one driver to keep your car rental costs down. With Advantage Rent a Car, you will not be charged any fee for your additional driver.
Are you getting offers for unlimited mileage on all vehicles?
We have that one as well. In fact, you should know that this is one feature offered by ALL companies. You would be interested to know, though, that Advantage Rent a Car has one offer that you’ll never find from other car rental company in the market. When others have reduced their young drivers’ fees, Advantage takes it to a higher level by waiving its fees for underage drivers (ages 21 to 24).