Credit Card Reservations: Why a Hawaii Car Rental Company Requires You Have One

All too often you hear about consumers looking to rent a car from a Hawaii Car Rental Company only to find that it is required that they have a credit card to reserve the vehicle. While this might prevent some from being able to rent a vehicle, you have to understand that it is standard policy and does not have to be the method in which you pay upon checkout. Many car companies will allow you to pay in cash or with the use of a debit card during checkout instead, but require a major credit card in order to secure the reservation for you.

Electronic Holds

In order to ensure that the rental car will be paid for in full, many car rental companies will place a hold on a deposit amount using the credit card that you used to make the reservation. This hold does not mean that you have already paid for the rental car, but means that these funds will not be accessible to you until you have returned and paid for the vehicle with another means such as cash or debit card (or the credit card you used to reserve the car). The amount of the hold will depend upon the type of car you’ve rented, your driving age, and the policies set in place by the Hawaii Car Rental Company.

Debit/Check Cards Are Not the Same as Credit Cards

When reserving a rental car keep in mind that not all cards are the same. You will need to check the policies of the rental car company as some require major credit cards for reservations. This is not a bank issued card or a prepaid debit card, but a card that has a line of credit that was issued to you. While some rental companies may allow you to use a check card or debit card it is always best to check so that you’re not caught off guard once you arrive to pick up the car.

The good news is that once the trip is over if you don’t want to pay with a credit card or you’re splitting the cost of the rental with someone that traveled with you, you can opt to pay with a debit card or in cash at checkout. In order to remove the hold from your card however you will need to have not incurred any excess fees and the car must be returned in the same condition in which you received it.

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