Hawaiian Car Rentals

If you are planning to spend your holiday in Hawaii, you definitely have to arrange with a Hawaiian car rentals company. With rental rates soaring high, every consumer wants to make sure that they get the best deal when renting a car. Here are some helpful tips on how to avoid car rental woes – as well as some horror stories.

Book well ahead of time

If you plan on arriving at the airport without a pre-booked car rental, do not expect to get a good deal on your car. Hawaii is a top destination for tourists from around the globe. And the Hawaiian car rentals industry is making most out of this opportunity. It can be difficult looking for a car rental at a cheap price, especially at the airport and during peak season. It may be best to find an off-site car rental, which usually have better rates than those found at the airports.

Moreover, by making an advanced reservation, you save yourself from the hassles of having to go through long queues. Many car rental companies have a website where you can conveniently book a car.

Read your insurance

Most of the time, car rentals offer a number of rental insurance products. You can check with your current auto or household insurance provider as sometimes you are already covered by these insurances. You can save quite a bit by simply double checking your own personal car insurance coverage.

On the other hand, buying insurance from the rental company could also protect you as any claim will not appear directly on your own current auto insurance. Moreover, some auto policy may not be enough to cover for a higher-priced vehicle. Be sure to do some reading about your insurance coverage so you can come up with the best decision.

Gas from the rental company costs more

Usually, Hawaiian car rentals contracts require the client to return the car in full tank, or the company will bill the client for the cost of a full tank. And most of the time, the markup is close to 100 percent. As much as possible, fill up the tank somewhere close to the rental car agency before returning it. Also beware of gas stations located near the airport as their prices are usually higher — they tend to take advantage of rental clients desperate to catch their flights.

Know hidden fees or charges

Ask the car rentals agent to detail up front all the charges. Some car rental companies charge additional fees such as for picking up the car in one station then dropping it in another. They may also charge you with late pickup or drop-off time.

Try local Hawaiian car rentals company

While many clients feel comfortable working with more popular, larger companies, there is a fair share of local online wholesalers providing excellent service. It would be wise to check out some of these smaller independent rental companies. They usually provide more flexible and personalized service, something which you might enjoy.

Enjoy your holiday in this island paradise! Get the best car rental company!

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