Mid-Sized Sedan Car Rental in Honolulu Hawaii

When traveling for business or pleasure having a reliable rental car to get you where you need to be is ideal. When traveling with more than two to three people an economy or compact sized vehicle will not provide you with the space you need to be comfortable. The next best solution to getting around Honolulu is to check out the mid-sized sedan car rental in Honolulu Hawaii to determine which one is right for you and others riding with you.


More Choices Nice Styles


For your mid-sized vehicles you have a bit more flexibility in what you’re going to choose. Some of the more popular models today include the Dodge Avenger, Nissan Altima, Chevrolet Impala, and the Ford Escape. All vehicles are comfortable for seating up to five passengers and run reasonably well on gas averaging about 18 to 34 mpg collectively. Common features included in the sedans include: am/fm radio with a CD player, front wheel drive, ac/heating controls, power locks, windows, and steering, an anti theft system, and keyless entry.


Tips to Saving on a Car Rental in Honolulu Hawaii


If you’re interested in saving a few bucks to offset the additional daily costs and the price of gas per mile you can do several things including:


  • Utilize discounts from memberships including AAA, AARP, and more. – Many organizations provide their members with discounts on traveling services including rental cars. Simply check on their website to find out what information you need to provide to the rental car company to receive the discount.
  • Book and pay in advance – Booking your rental car in advance can assure that you receive the mid-sized sedan that you’d prefer. Paying in advance can sometimes present a percentage off your total balance. However, before booking and paying in advance, review the cancellation policy to ensure you understand what the rules are.
  • Look for discount codes or coupons online – You can find a lot of discount coupons and codes online by simply typing in discounts on a car rental in Honolulu Hawaii into a search engine and you will be guided to several options.
  • Drive on highways as cars get better highway miles – Since there are not a lot of stops and starts on the highway, cars are able to get better mileage on gas. A car in the city might get 18 mpg while on the road could get upwards of 25mpg.


Prior to pulling out of the lot with the car rental in Honolulu Hawaii be sure to inspect the interior and exterior for any damage. Also make sure that you feel comfortable behind the wheel so that you can enjoy your trip while being safe.

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