Watch Where You Park! Tips for Keeping Your SUV Car Rental in Hawaii Safe

When you sign the dotted line on your rental agreement part of your responsibility is to ensure that the rental car is returned in mint condition. In order to uphold your responsibilities it is imperative that you be mindful of not only how you drive the SUV car rental in Hawaii, but also where you leave the car while enjoying the sites. There have been rental car drivers in the past that have come out to find a dent or scratch on the vehicle while parked. Being aware of the tips listed below will help you in keeping your rental car safe at all times.

Parking in Shopping Centers

Shopping centers might seem like a safe place to park your rental car, however, they are known to be hot spots for damage to vehicles. There are plenty of cars, people, shopping carts, and other objects there that can increase the risk of the rental car being damaged. A few tips to keep in mind before parking in a shopping center include:

  • Avoid parking near locations such as cart returns. This is an ideal spot for cars to get hit by misguided carts.
  • Park a bit further away from the building as there is often less traffic in these areas decreasing the chances of the car being scratched by another car or passerby with a bag.

Street Parking

Even when parking on the street you have to be careful where you leave your SUV car rental in Hawaii. You should be sure to pay attention to your surroundings. Below are a few circumstances you should consider when determining the best place to park.

  • Do not park too closely to a vehicle. Leave yourself enough room that both you and the car in front of you can get out of the parking space without having to bump another vehicle.
  • Do not park too closely to bus stops as this could cause a problem for the bus diver as they try to maneuver around your vehicle.
  • Do not park near a trash bin. People may throw garbage and miss causing damage to the vehicle.

These are just a few tips for keeping your rental car safe while you’re not around. By being a mindful driver you can reduce the risk of damage to the SUV car rental in Hawaii. It is also extremely important to be a safe driver while on the roads to prevent accidents.

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